RACE TO THE BOTTOM: May 15, 2017, and a 19-Way Tie!

Yup: a 19-way tie in the Race to the Bottom this week! Thanks to Chambers of Commerce and other business-friendly forces that conveniently forget that labor is the source of all wealth, 19 states have enacted legislation forbidding any municipality within its borders from raising the minimum wage beyond what the state itself allows. Of course, the people who live and work in the highest cost-of-living areas (and the areas most likely to pass city-wide raises in minimum wage) suffer the most. This means that profits are protected for those who don’t have to worry about keeping their own water turned on.

Here, in alphabetical order is the 19-way Roll of Shame:

1-T: Alabama

1-T: Colorado

1-T: Florida

1-T: Georgia

1-T: Idaho

1-T: Indiana

1-T: Kansas

1-T: Louisiana

1-T: Michigan

1-T: Mississippi

1-T: Missouri

1-T: North Carolina

1-T: Oklahoma

1-T: Oregon

1-T: Pennsylvania

1-T: Rhode Island

1-T: Tennessee

1-T: Utah

1-T: Wisconsin

Additionally, 14 of these 19 states also have legislation forbidding any municipal requirements for paid sick leave that exceeds the state’s basement, and these 14 are joined in this regard by Arizona (not on the list above).

Conspicuous absence: Texas!

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